Pivot Time

I’ve been “dark” much longer than planned, but we’re still plugging along undaunted! August doesn’t seem that long ago… We are still definitely on track for the OUYA launch next year. The dev consoles are “in the mail”. They might be here in time for Mayan Doomsday. Woohoo! That’s the “time” part of this post.

In the meantime, we’ve added a couple people to the staff to work on another project. The “pivot” part of this post is adjusting our motto. My two oldest children convinced me that we can do more than just make games to make better people. We have pivoted to include entertainment of all kinds produced by Glacier Peak. We’d always aspired to include old-school paper-and-pencil roleplaying games, novels and animated video content, so I guess we’re just making that official.

To that end, Glacier Peak will be publishing its first product in the form of a book on Mayan Doomsday. The book is a collection of short stories by the three of us (Alia, Suleiman and David) all inspired by the same title. Many of these stories will foreshadow games and other entertainment coming soon from Glacier Peak.

Watch for the book “No Tomorrow” at Amazon (and eventually iTunes) on Friday 21 December 2012!!

IGDA Summit @ Casual Connect Seattle

I’m looking forward to the next couple days in Seattle!

The IGDA Summit is about Developers helping Developers. It is a home for our development community that provides valuable professional development, actionable insight and candid discussion to elevate our craft. For the 2012 IGDA Summit, industry leaders from many disciplines have come together to produce a program with content to serve line developers, entrepreneurial developers, QA developers, freelancers, team leaders, project managers, business development executives, investors, studio directors, and all others seeking to learn from and share techniques for creating successful careers, games and businesses.

In 2012, the IGDA Summit will cover topics including: Writing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Quality Assurance and Monetization. This is an opportunity for our community to give back to our global community.

IGDA Summit @ Casual Connect Seattle

Should be good time away from the keyboard and digitizer to recharge and get reinspired!!

Somebody got there first, but that’s OK!

I was always amused by the whining found lying about in webernet blog and forum comments that Xbox Live “refused to support microtransactions”. I was amused because we have a plan to work within the system already available without crying for new features to approximate a microtransaction system for XBL titles.

But, alas, if PA is to be believed, and they usually should be, Crimson Alliance seems to have gotten there first. Which is totally cool! It just proves that proves our theory is workable!

Work Ethics

We’ve been busy, and haven’t had a chance to play CA yet, but it looks like a fun game and when the schedule lets up a little bit (maybe in October?), we’ll be firing that up with the kith and kin and see how right we still plan to be. Heh.

Awesome is better than more.

I have to agree… Awesome is better than more.

No matter, says Casey Willis, an avid gamer from Atlanta. "Make a game worth my time and money, and I’ll be happy. After all, 10 hours of awesome is better than 20 hours of boring."

Why most people don’t finish video games – CNN.com

My observation is that more than a few studios build a game and then feel the need to pad it and add more at the end… I hope this means that more developers are actively designing for story length up front.

Better to add features that give significant replay value for the folks who want more, and drop DLC to extend the long tail in digestible chunks over time.