I had a phone conversation with another startup CEO this afternoon that reminded me of the importance of energy and passion when we’re chasing a dream, especially in the the throes of the first half of the grunt work. I guess that I crunched a little too much over the weekend, and kind of ran out of steam…

As I bang on the various components that will (soon!) become the product line known as Terrorland, it was great to chat with somebody else in another company, in an entirely different line if business, and be reminded to focus on why I’m doing this, and be reminded that there’s no such thing as too much excitement!


Thanks, Michel. =)

EDA Sprint 0 is complete!

The number one question we get is, “What game are you working on? When I can play it?” The answer is, “Real soon now!” Heh.

"Talk is cheap. I go to a lot of gaming events, and people come up to me and say ‘I’ve got this great idea for a game’, and I’m like ‘Yeah, that’s great – I want to see your game.’"

Gamasutra – News – Tin Man Games’ Ben Britten: Why ‘Failure is Awesome’

Message received. We’ve driven the requirements spike. We’ve done lots of imaginary playthroughs of the first four “scenarios”. We’ve got the concept art. We have acquired all of the tools and all the toys to launch us into a successful Sprint 1. We’ve done the retrospective and will make some adjustments to our process for future sprints. Perhaps I’ll blog about those more in the future.

We are ready to roll!

Lesson learned, the hard way.

I would never imagine that someone could find sincere encouragement to be insulting… but I often forget that people bring more to a conversation that the few meager words that I share. Inspired by Gina’s post, I pointed out what I believed to be an obvious talent that should be cultivated and provided words and links and book recommendations that I have found to be inspiring to a friend.

As our conversation drew to a close, I challenged my seatmate to stop making excusing and to begin to address the self doubt and fear that has held him back from living his great passions. I also challenged him to look hard at his job and to try to imagine what would happen if he unleashed the power of his passions and the clarity of his values on his work in the security field. Because honestly, this isn’t just how one person’s life and work is transformed, it’s also how organizations and communities are transformed one genius at a time. I don’t know what he will do with my advice, but I hope that the hour or so of airing and sharing his passions in the light of day would give him an irresistible taste of what it’s like when his personal practical genius rules over him instead of his fear.

What are you afraid of? | Genuine Insights

Today, I discovered that rage is one of the possible outcomes of encouraging someone else to capitalize on a talent that they themselves have already given up on. Words offered with sincerity and honest praise can be met with hostility born of terror, I suppose. In any event, a sad lesson learned.

I wonder how many budding mentors have had a similar experience of their own and forever withhold their bright encouragement (dare I say cheerleading?) from others?

For me, it doesn’t matter. Insult my pompoms if you like, but I have seen enough people take genuine encouragement and become successful at endeavors that they did not dream possible. Hopeless romantic? Starry-eyed dreamer? That’s me!

In other news, work progresses apace on our major project for 2012, Mayans or no Mayans!

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