Somebody got there first, but that’s OK!

I was always amused by the whining found lying about in webernet blog and forum comments that Xbox Live “refused to support microtransactions”. I was amused because we have a plan to work within the system already available without crying for new features to approximate a microtransaction system for XBL titles.

But, alas, if PA is to be believed, and they usually should be, Crimson Alliance seems to have gotten there first. Which is totally cool! It just proves that proves our theory is workable!

Work Ethics

We’ve been busy, and haven’t had a chance to play CA yet, but it looks like a fun game and when the schedule lets up a little bit (maybe in October?), we’ll be firing that up with the kith and kin and see how right we still plan to be. Heh.

Awesome is better than more.

I have to agree… Awesome is better than more.

No matter, says Casey Willis, an avid gamer from Atlanta. "Make a game worth my time and money, and I’ll be happy. After all, 10 hours of awesome is better than 20 hours of boring."

Why most people don’t finish video games –

My observation is that more than a few studios build a game and then feel the need to pad it and add more at the end… I hope this means that more developers are actively designing for story length up front.

Better to add features that give significant replay value for the folks who want more, and drop DLC to extend the long tail in digestible chunks over time.