Modernity’s Dark Moods (Music)

A collection of ambient, dark digital tracks that evoke the emotions and moods of the Modernity roleplaying game. The driving beat, insistent rhythms, and unexpected, experimental swings are a listen that will always keep you on edge and coming back for me. There’s a surprise on the other side of every transition!

This music is perfect, subtle background sound for any urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi, or cyberpunk game. . . Or any time you want to kick back and think dark thoughts without having your higher brain functions distracted by lyrics.

Modernity’s Dark Moods is the debut album of Ausgrave Royalty who are dedicated to producing fresh new sounds that come at you unexpectedly from out of nowhere and leave you wondering where their music has been all your life.

All nine tracks will make you feel emotions like you’ve never experienced.

  1. Bite (2:43)
  2. Resurrections (4:36)
  3. Murder in A Flat (2:45)
  4. Devil’s Smile (3:14)
  5. The End of All Things (2:37)
  6. A Night in the Dystopian Cafe (4:45)
  7. A Light in the Darkness of Misery (3:05)
  8. Vengeance (2:59)
  9. Life Goes On (3:26)

mp3 available at: DriveThruRPG | iTunes | Xbox Music | Amazon MP3

Modernity's Dark Moods