Modernity Coordinator’s Toolkit

This pay-what-you-want product is an interactive PDF designed for use by coordinators with the Modernity (Fate Edition) RPG. The PDF has two modes: a printable version and an electronic game tracking version that you can use in realtime at the game table.

The Coordinator’s Toolkit contains:

  • Game Briefing Sheet (front & back)
  • Hero Briefing Sheet (front & back)
  • Session Briefing Sheet (front & back)
  • Scene Briefing Sheet (front & back)
  • Rules Briefing Sheet (front & back)

It’s up to you as the coordinator to stay organized, focused, and on track with the story to enable the best possible (read: scariest) experience for your players all throughout the game, because. . .

It is up to your players to . . . Fight the Darkness.

Modernity Fate Core Edition Coordinator's Toolkit 72dpi Cover