Starcrossed will be delayed less than one month.

It is with much regret that I inform you of the unfortunate delay of the release of Starcrossed. I’m sorry!

After a detailed, all-day review of the current state of the product, both art and content, I have decided to slide the release into April 2015 (next month) in order to take the time needed to correct and upgrade some non-trivial elements of the game. I know you’ll be more pleased with the finished product then. And so will I.

If you preordered Starcrossed, I am going to give you a copy of the first scenario, Raid on Slavers’ Bay, for free by way of apology. Raid will be released at the end of May. (Raid’s already mostly done, so that’s a pretty firm date.)

Preorders will still close on 01-April-2015 (UTC -5).

Pay What You Want: Modernity (Fate Edition) Coordinator’s Toolkit

Today I’m happy to share with you Modernity coordinators a dozen pages of tools that will help you terrify (and satisfy) your players.

This pay-what-you-want product is an interactive PDF designed for use by coordinators with the Modernity (Fate Edition) RPG. The PDF has two modes: a printable version and an electronic game tracking version that you can use in realtime at the game table.

The Modernity (Fate Edition) Coordinator’s Toolkit contains the following:

  • Game Briefing Sheet (front & back)

  • Hero Briefing Sheet (front & back)

  • Session Briefing Sheet (front & back)

  • Scene Briefing Sheet (front & back)

  • Rules Briefing Sheet (front & back)

It’s up to you as the coordinator to stay organized, focused, and on track with the story to enable the best possible (read: scariest) experience for your players all throughout the game, because. . .

It is up to your players to . . . Fight the Darkness.

This toolkit is for the edition of Modernity based on Fate Core. It is fully compatible with other Fate Core products. All minor variations are documented in the Modernity (Fate Edition) book.

Talk to Yourself (Public Speaking Workshop)

Not strictly game related, but I taught a workshop on public speaking this past weekend about why using dialog in a speech is desirable for many reasons. If you’re a Toastmaster or interested in public speaking, you might find it useful. Slides are fine as a reference for experienced speakers, but without the hour of me explaining, they may not make much sense to you. The video will follow later this week.

Merry birthday to me (and you) sale!

I thought I would get you to celebrate today by giving you a 43% discount on Modernity, but I’ve decided not to be stingy. Rounding up to 50% (despite still being years away from 50!), I’m thrilled to announce a $9.99 sale on Modernity from now through Sunday. It’ll be like it’s my birthday all weekend!

If you already own it, give it as a gift to some folks who could use a little more urban fantasy in their lives!

But wait! There’s more!

Today, the first chapter of our newest project is available on DriveThruRPG as a pre-order for the March 2015 release of Starcrossed which will be on sale at the pre-order price for a limited time. The future will be here sooner than you think.

Starcrossed Front Cover 72dpi