Graciously accepting feedback…

I’ve learned a few lessons about receiving feedback since we shipped our first tabletop game on Halloween—and rigorously exercised a few lessons that I’ve learned in the past. Not all feedback is fun to receive, but it’s all valuable.

To everyone who provided input, thank you! You were heard and where possible and appropriate I’ll act on it.

Speaking to and on behalf of all the employees yet to be hired, Glacier Peak will not be one of those companies whose people aren’t grateful for your thoughts. To our customers, thank you for taking time out of your life to share those thoughts with us.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Time for remedial English?

Egad! I can only correct so many hundreds of proposed edits to Modernity before I start to discern a pattern. It isn’t simply that I do not live and breath the Chicago Manual of Style (any edition), it’s that I apparently have no fundamental understanding of a few basic English concepts. Based on the copious quantity of proposed edits, you wouldn’t think that I have a bachelors of science with a minor in English.

I’m prepared to defend my abuse of punctuation, eclectic vocabulary, and my idiosyncratic love of the semicolon, but. . . How did I get this far in life and always misuse “that” and “which”?

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with editors before, but I’ve never had one make me cry over the difference between hyphens and emdashes.


Back to the grindstone.

IGDA Summit @ Casual Connect Seattle

I’m looking forward to the next couple days in Seattle!

The IGDA Summit is about Developers helping Developers. It is a home for our development community that provides valuable professional development, actionable insight and candid discussion to elevate our craft. For the 2012 IGDA Summit, industry leaders from many disciplines have come together to produce a program with content to serve line developers, entrepreneurial developers, QA developers, freelancers, team leaders, project managers, business development executives, investors, studio directors, and all others seeking to learn from and share techniques for creating successful careers, games and businesses.

In 2012, the IGDA Summit will cover topics including: Writing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Quality Assurance and Monetization. This is an opportunity for our community to give back to our global community.

IGDA Summit @ Casual Connect Seattle

Should be good time away from the keyboard and digitizer to recharge and get reinspired!!

The kanban board is going up!

One of the things that we came to a decision about during our retrospective after sprint zero is that we’re happier with a highly visible workload management tool. During our between sprint planning, we’ve elected to adopt some of the kanban practices that I picked up during my time at Microsoft.

Having physical cards to move across the board helps to maintain the momentum cycle and makes it very easy to visually keep score. Both of which are very important, as we’ve come to accept that we’re in a marathon, not a sprint. No pun intended.

In the spirit of “pix or it didn’t happen”, I’ll be posting occasional pix of the board as soon as we have it hung, striped and loaded with work.