777 Writer’s Game

Thank you, Chance Maree, for including me in this game of tag. The prompt is to “post 7 lines from a page number ending in 7 from one of my works-in-progress, as well as tag 7 other authors to participate in the game.” Not a problem.

My novel-in-progress is THE SERAPHIM CONSPIRACY.

“Well, that’s hardly sporting,” said a new voice, rich with rolling Rs and cultured Latin vowels.

Shannon and Victor both watched in stunned amazement as Raúl Salazar snapped his fingers and dismissed the battling animal spirits. The broken wolf disappeared with a whimper. The pair of bears vanished with an anticlimactic roar. Shannon had promised them prey to feast upon and they had been denied. That would cost her later, but she would have to make it up to them.

“Victor, Victor. You were sloppy at the airport. You must have left blood or something behind for this crusader to collect. You told me that there were no survivors when you left. Now I have to clean up your mess. Again.”

“But, Raúl,” Victor whined.

Raúl waved a hand dismissively, and Victor never got to finish his excuses before he vanished. Her spirit wrenched painfully as Raúl severed her connection to Victor. Shannon had never experienced such a painful transition back into her own mind. She would never have believed that Raúl could follow her connection to Victor’s mind in the other direction.

“Now, my little occult vigilante. What are we going to do with you?”

Shannon had never felt more alone than she did now sharing her mind with the being who had once been Raúl Salazar.

In turn, I tag:

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Apologies to anybody who’s already been tagged. =P Not really.

Shannon O'Malley

No scouting on the kindle for this #indiewriter

I’ve been thinking about this and kicking it around with peeps I know and trust, so I just went and re-read Amazon’s page describing how kindlescout works. I’ll pass. It’s all the work that I would do anyway to promote a novel. TWICE. Once to get people to vote for it and (if Amazon puts it under contract) then AGAIN to get OTHER people to buy it to earn out the advance . . . because the people who voted for it get a free copy anyway. Unless Amazon is going to feature their own in a way that guarantees more sales (I wouldn’t believe a guarantee anyway), I think I’ll be happier the indie way, even if it takes me longer to get $1,500.

Laughing out loud

I understand why they’re demanding unpublished work and I know they’re trying to cherry pick pieces of the Kickstarter “viral social” model (without the upfront cash commitment of the crowd), but Amazon (and the author community) would be better served by opening up nominations of authors with already published work and finding a way to put those under contract instead. Or offer already published authors an advance on future work.

Kickstarter and Patreon work because people vote with real dollars, not imaginary “free” (as in beer) votes that Amazon gives them (like UserVoice). I think Amazon missed that (very important) little part.

Amazon thinks they know better than the dinosaur publishers, let them prove it by developing their own stable of exclusive talent. I don’t expect that the kindlescout net will pull in the kind of authors that they’re looking for. I hope for everyone’s sake that I’m just a pessimistic curmudgeon and wrong. I’ll be happy to jump on the kindlescout bandwagon when I see at least one massive bestseller pop out of their pipeline.

Just my $0.02US (unadjusted for inflation).