SkyNet inches closer. . .no batteries required to piggyback on your WiFi.

Despite assurances from Elon and all the other usual suspects that “everything’s fine” in AI-land, and despite how nifty I think these no-electricity WiFi connected options are, I’m still not convinced that connecting my detergent bottle to the internet (by way of my WiFi network) is the way to go.

Researchers have come up with another reason for me to want a 3D printer. I can see several ways that connecting these types of sensors to a drone and use other people’s WiFi could be used for “fun and profit.” So many opportunities for using other people’s reflected WiFi. . .beyond counting humans, their movements and heartbeats, and sending love notes to the President (from someone else’s IP address), of course.

Now we have a possible vector for inserting cybernetic components into people that don’t require solving the human-body-heat-to-electricity problem in order to interact with wireless networks.

What do you think we could do with such sensors? Certainly evil. Good maybe?

Survey Closed: Thank you for your input!

The Modernity Cover Concepts survey closed on Friday as planned, but since the weekend was busy with preparing for NerdvanaCon this coming Saturday (plus unplanned teenage family drama) and a new Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) group full of teenage girls (actually not the source of the family drama, if you can believe it). The new FAE group includes some wackiness I couldn’t’ve dreamed up (High Concepts) for the members of the band “Power Outage”:

  • Merman Musician on a Motorcycle
  • Backup Bard with a Dream
  • Concert Fashion Designer
  • Dwarf Wizard in Oversized Robes
  • Des Bus-ito (think Transformers-style tour bus)
  • Knight with a Loaded Mind

Anyway, that’s why I’m just now wading through the survey responses and aggregating the numbers to get a better picture (pardon the put) of your thoughts on the four concepts. Some things that I’ve already observed:

  1. Some of you are very, very “honest” with your feedback. I asked for your unvarnished opinions, and boy howdy did y’all deliver! (I think I can tell who the reddit respondents are by the tone of their input. Heh.)
  2. There seems to be a very consistent preference for one style in particular, but there are some outliers who love the others. Have to ponder on that.
  3. It’s clear from the feedback that I’ve still got work to do to improve even the most popular style of the four. Roger that!
  4. I could be wrong, but there seems to be a little hold-over bias based on the original Modernity art style. Not sure how to account for that, but I’ll keep thinking about it.
  5. Some of you offered to engage in a discussion via email, and I definitely plan to take you up on the offer. Thank you double!

I’ll be getting out the analog random number generators of the percentile variety this evening to determine who the winner of the DriveThruRPG gift certificate is. If all goes as planned, I’ll be announcing that winner later this week and sending fifty of my own dollars ($50!) to that lucky person.

Again, thank you all of your input!

Celebrate with us and donate to future of literary education and arts with #LEAF

To celebrate Glacier Peak’s success, I am going to match 100% of donations to the Literary Education & Arts Foundation (LEAF) from now until the end of March. (Up to a $1,000 total. We’ve been successful, but we’re not wearing hats made of money. Yet.)

LEAF is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS. All contributions to LEAF are tax deductible and nonrefundable. All the directors and staff of LEAF are strictly unpaid volunteers. 100% of all donations to LEAF go directly to supported programs.

You have several choices for donations to literary arts and education through LEAF:

  • You may contribute to the fund which supports the Northeast School of the Arts’ Creative Writing program. This money is earmarked for the award-winning Literary Magazine and is part of the program that helps these young writers get college scholarships in literature at a higher rate than anywhere else. All surplus funds every year are invested directly to the NESA CW Literary Magazine Endowment.
  • Directly to the LEAF operating fund which supports all LEAF activities, including youth writers programs and other literary foundations and programs. All surplus funds every year are invested directly in one of our endowments.

Please donate to LEAF and the future of literary education and arts.

Hope in the face of tragedy?

almost april fictionA good friend of mine just made the world a little better place.

Deb Ferguson has been working on this contemporary tale of one teenager’s struggle with overwhelming issues, and what she learns about the larger world outside her own misery.

It helps us all to look outside our own four mental walls (and outside our own typical genre!) once in a while.

I’m proud of Deb’s accomplishment and the story she has shared with the world in Almost April.

Go buy it! You’ll feel better about yourself.