Modeling the anguish and despair of game production?

Rob writes about my life in his post, The Development Diamond: Modelling the Anguish and Despair of Game Production!

Seriously, though, it’s a fascinating look at expectation setting. Also, I believe that this modeling exercise can be extended to any creative endeavor. I see novelists (myself included) stuck in #3, the Mutant of Eternal Despair.

I’m going to re-read this one on a regular basis to see if I’m doing better at flattening out the curve of despair.

Clickbait headlines make your study seem stupid.

I’m happy that somebody is exposing the poseur “literary fiction” readers as the frauds that they are, but. . . Science Fiction Makes You Stupid as a blog post title doesn’t accurately describe the results of the study. Sad.

I am glad that the study authors dove into this research to debunk the bullshit spewed in Science in 2013 about how reading literary fiction makes you a better reader and a better person. Nonsense. My criticism is only about how the authors’ promoted their study with their inflammatory blog title. It set the stage for how their good research will be portrayed by the rest of the media.

Proper Study Translation: People who already don’t like a genre will not give genre fiction the same level of attention and careful reading that they would of an identical piece so-called “literary” fiction. If you already disrespect science fiction, your reading comprehension of science fiction will be lower.

The study language is suitably academic and opaque to muggles, so read at your own risk. I guess my bachelors degree in unemployment (political science) and incomplete masters degree in unemployment (public administration) did give me some sort of skill to translate pseudo-intellectual babble. Chris Gavaler and Dan Johnson and probably perfectly nice fellows, and I’m sure that their fiction is much more readable than the paper, “The Genre Effect: A Science Fiction (vs. Realism) Manipulation Decreases Inference Effort, Reading Comprehension, and Perceptions of Literary Merit”, that they had to write for submission to the journal Scientific Study of Literature. You’ve got to meet audience expectations, after all.

The sample size was small (150), but I’ll reserve judgment until I read that whole study. It seems like a solid methodology based on the description they blogged, but I’m skeptical until I read it. I’m lookin’ forward to it.

Guess I’m going to give Hexagon a try this week. . .

I’ve got a couple months before my Autodesk licenses are up for renewal, but that’s ~$1,000 that I could spend on other things. Especially now that Hexagon is free. Hrm. Mathing. . . Free >= Money.

Assuming that I can do everything I need to model in Hexagon, I’ll have to consider the rest of what’s in the Autodesk suite that I use (Motion Builder, Mudbox, Recap, etc.) and decide if it’s worth it to continue paying Autodesk.

Survey Closed: Thank you for your input!

The Modernity Cover Concepts survey closed on Friday as planned, but since the weekend was busy with preparing for NerdvanaCon this coming Saturday (plus unplanned teenage family drama) and a new Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) group full of teenage girls (actually not the source of the family drama, if you can believe it). The new FAE group includes some wackiness I couldn’t’ve dreamed up (High Concepts) for the members of the band “Power Outage”:

  • Merman Musician on a Motorcycle
  • Backup Bard with a Dream
  • Concert Fashion Designer
  • Dwarf Wizard in Oversized Robes
  • Des Bus-ito (think Transformers-style tour bus)
  • Knight with a Loaded Mind

Anyway, that’s why I’m just now wading through the survey responses and aggregating the numbers to get a better picture (pardon the put) of your thoughts on the four concepts. Some things that I’ve already observed:

  1. Some of you are very, very “honest” with your feedback. I asked for your unvarnished opinions, and boy howdy did y’all deliver! (I think I can tell who the reddit respondents are by the tone of their input. Heh.)
  2. There seems to be a very consistent preference for one style in particular, but there are some outliers who love the others. Have to ponder on that.
  3. It’s clear from the feedback that I’ve still got work to do to improve even the most popular style of the four. Roger that!
  4. I could be wrong, but there seems to be a little hold-over bias based on the original Modernity art style. Not sure how to account for that, but I’ll keep thinking about it.
  5. Some of you offered to engage in a discussion via email, and I definitely plan to take you up on the offer. Thank you double!

I’ll be getting out the analog random number generators of the percentile variety this evening to determine who the winner of the DriveThruRPG gift certificate is. If all goes as planned, I’ll be announcing that winner later this week and sending fifty of my own dollars ($50!) to that lucky person.

Again, thank you all of your input!