Productivity is as productivity does. Goodbye, 2017. Hello, 2018.

I don’t want to feel left out. Everybody else is talking about their plans for this year, and either whining about last year or patting themselves on the back. I want to do both, but I’m going to do neither. 2017 was the best of years and worst of years. ‘Nuff said.

Based on his blog post, Mr. Sutherland and I seem to be on similar (but different) journeys in 2018, and his email newsletter was the last straw that prompted this return volley from me.

2017 to 2018: The Past and the Plan

I will say that the numbers don’t lie, even giving myself word credit for non-word-oriented projects, 2017 was sub-optimal. I’m capable of more than I accomplished last year, but I let the emotional drama of several family matters kick my ass. This year will be better. My goal was 2,000 words a day (what Stephen King says I need to produce to be worthy of the title Writer) and I hit less than half that (closer to the Hemingway-then-enjoy-life target, and I’m pretty sure most of us think Hemingway was a Writer).

Despite the drama, I finished two novels that are now being edited for publication, which is going to consume some time that won’t be producing net-new words. Switching to Scrivener certainly didn’t help me speed up, but it did help me stay organized with the second novel. I did get some good playtesting done (which can’t really be measured in words) and set some game scope that I have to know in advance. . .but. . .

My guidebook for this year is going to be Finish by Jon Acuff. I’m pretty sure that my undiagnosed ADD and OCD and autism are causing me to suffer some significant overplanning and dramatic lack of focus. I want to do it all, but I’m now certain (based on results from 2008 to 2017) that I can’t–hence I’m going to have to plan some funerals very soon for projects that aren’t even going to start this year while I learn to focus on fewer things. And get them done. The great new day job (not sarcasm–I love the work) is a nontrivial contributing factor to this planning cycle.

Pardon me while I go through the stages of grief for the things that are not going to get done in 2018. When I figure out exactly what IS going to get done, you’ll find the plan here. Please standby.