SkyNet inches closer. . .no batteries required to piggyback on your WiFi.

Despite assurances from Elon and all the other usual suspects that “everything’s fine” in AI-land, and despite how nifty I think these no-electricity WiFi connected options are, I’m still not convinced that connecting my detergent bottle to the internet (by way of my WiFi network) is the way to go.

Researchers have come up with another reason for me to want a 3D printer. I can see several ways that connecting these types of sensors to a drone and use other people’s WiFi could be used for “fun and profit.” So many opportunities for using other people’s reflected WiFi. . .beyond counting humans, their movements and heartbeats, and sending love notes to the President (from someone else’s IP address), of course.

Now we have a possible vector for inserting cybernetic components into people that don’t require solving the human-body-heat-to-electricity problem in order to interact with wireless networks.

What do you think we could do with such sensors? Certainly evil. Good maybe?