What does the lootbox backlash mean for booster packs?

Personally, as an protein unit with undiagnosed but powerful obsessive tendencies, I’ve always had to avoid games with collectible anythings. I especially loathe random “booster packs” or “loot boxes” because I’d rather just pay for exactly what I want than place my bet and hope for the best.

Apparently, legislators in the U.S., Australia, and Belgium already agree (when legislators agree, watch out!) and are planning to drop the hammer on video games that take advantage of players like me.

Lee (congressman from Hawaii) says his office is looking into legislation this year to prohibit the sale of games with these mechanics to people under the legal gambling age. Legislators in other states, he claims, share his concerns.

What I want to know is where these same outraged persons were all these years with Magic the Gathering and other egregious purveyors of Random Wacky Crap®?