So many distractions, so little time. Quiet Hours to the rescue!

When I’m writing or working on some art or testing a game element, turning off the distractions is crucial.

I’m still looking for an easy way to turn on “Do Not Disturb” on Android–the scheduled DND works great, but the button the settings slide-out should toggle DND instantly, instead of taking me to the settings. That’s how the WiFi and Bluetooth buttons work, Google!

Yeah, if this is fixed in a later version of Android, I still don’t have it. I’m still stuck on Marshmallow, because T-Mobile and ZTE don’t love me enough to update my Zmax Pro.

On Windows 10, it’s cake. All I’ve got to do is push the button for Quiet Hours to toggle all notifications off. (The notifications icon still changes when something pops, but. . .I’ll just have to learn to stop looking at the time and see the temptation to get distracted.)

Don’t take it personally if I’m ignoring you. I’ll get back to you when this creative window is closed.