Activities vs. Assets? What are you making with your time?

Val Cameron’s one of those people that I consider one of my mentors. We’ve never met in person, but I’ve listened to countless hours of his voice and watched equally countless hours of his video instruction. He seems to have been pretty successful in 3D art, or at least has me fooled. Heh.

He blogged something today that got me thinking about why I created Glacier Peak (and keep plugging away at it), and more so why some of the people that I’ve tried to inspire to make a career of their passion fail to thrive. I have observed that those who fail are more interested in getting validation than they are in business, which may be why Val’s comment struck a chord with me.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t focus on getting paid for their time.

What 97% Of All DAZ Vendors Do Wrong (And Earn Peanuts)

I was reading his blog post and nodding along when I got to that line and thought, “That would be nice.” Which is when every entrepreneurial mentor I’ve ever head started rolling around on the floor and laughing in my head. I had to laugh along with them. That’s not why I do this.

Full disclosure: I have a full-time day job, and I kind of like it. Most of the indie authors and game creators that I know do, too. I’m cool with that. I get paid there for my time. What I do for Glacier Peak I do for for three reasons:

  1. I love doing it. I was doing it for free before I was doing it for money. I still do a LOT of it for free running open games at different conventions and game stores every week. I love helping other people enjoy the tabletop hobby.
  2. I enjoy making assets that have a long tail and will continue to make a little money down the road. It’s more than a hobby for me. It’s an investment.
  3. Every once in a while, somebody actually buys something that I created and published. Steve was customer #417 of Modernity (Fate Edition) today. That felt pretty good. Thanks, Steve!