Keep your melodrama inside the game (or novel)

It’s a melodramatic read (PROFANITY WARNING), but this is an interesting write up of how a successful (read: hard work) grassroots (read: indie) marketing campaign might work. (I picked this up off of Scalzi’s twitter feed of all places.)

TheMirrorEmpire-144dpi-forreveal-675x1024 About this time last year, GOD’S WAR, which had been out in the UK for a solid seven months, had sold just 300 copies, and every single major publishing house had passed on THE MIRROR EMPIRE…

2014: Some (Honest) Publishing Numbers, and (Almost) Throwing in the Towel

My takeaway? Dial down all the internal drama and self-sabotage, believe in the dream, but don’t quit your day job, yet.

Secondarily, stop thinking small. If you think your “world” is the UK (or the USA), then you’ll miss out on all the prospective sales globally. You can’t pick your fans, and you can’t always predict where they’ll come from! The world is flat again, so take advantage of the lack of horizons as much as you can.

Or maybe that’s just me giving myself advice. Heh.