Making concessions to the inevitable

Despite building slack into the Modernity production schedule, life happens. When a family member contracts a catastrophic illness, our priorities get rearranged. With my partner in life and in business out of town caring for a family member with cancer, I have to concede that being Mr. Mom has cut more deeply into my art production and editing time than I would’ve thought. (Aren’t teenagers supposed to be relatively independent and self-sufficient? Hrm.)

Thank for your patience. Doubly so for those who’ve been helping out and have expressed well wishes. (The surgery was apparently a success, but you never know with these things, do you?)

In lieu of the overdue playtest draft for September, I hope you’ll accept my apologies and a preview of the artwork slated for the page facing the concession rules. [Truth be told, I’m not entirely happy with the volumetric lighting yet, but it’s getting closer.]

Page 98 - Caught! - 021

I’m still plugging away at the ~2,000 edits proposed by Phil (who is the meanest, nastiest, and most helpful editor among dozens that I’ve ever worked with or hired). Oh, and my render box is cranking away every night producing the next iteration of polished art while I sleep. I might miss the September playtest release (I’ll give you an update next Saturday either way).

I’m very optimistic that I’ll still make the Halloween release date!