Setting Modernity to music

As an author, I’ve become a huge fan of ambient music (or electronica or industrial or whatever the genre calls itself these days), that I’ve engaged a musical production partner, Ausgrave Royalty, to create a collection of tracks that we’re tentatively calling “Modernity’s Dark Moods”. Ambient tracks make the perfect accompaniment for a game because they don’t (usually!) interrupt play with vocals or other big distractions. As an author, I’ve also found that I’m much more productive listening to instrumental tracks so that the linguistic parts of my brain can focus exclusively on the writing or editing task at hand.

Until we release our first collection of “Modernity’s Dark Moods” around Halloween, you’ll have to make do with other alternatives. Here are some that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and I find to be very much “in the mood” for Modernity.