Looking for a low-violence Modernity-style plot?

the ninth gateFor a low-violence mystery conspiracy, you could do worse than The Ninth Gate. Depending on how you feel about Johnny Depp, you might be able to do better, but… All things considered, Polanski did a good job of putting together a contemporary noir pic that seemed to get a lot of mileage out of a very low budget.

Roman didn’t need hundreds of millions of dollars in big budget special effects and explosions and thousands of bullets to create the sense of the eerie and surreal that he was aiming for.

  • A flawed everyman protagonist
  • A plot that goes mostly wrong for him
  • An occult tome of immense power
  • An international conspiracy
  • A big twist at the end

I could readily see throughout the movie where all the various game mechanics in Modernity could be used to achieve a game very similar to the movie.

What do you think?