Ever meet somebody with talent you wish you had?

I meet people all the time who have talents that I wish I had. The most frustrating are the people with a gift who aren’t using it to it’s fullest extent, or at all. People who don’t think they’re good enough yet.

The truth is you’ll never be good enough. In your own mind. Go do it anyway. Someone else with think you’re amazing. Somewhere there is an audience that’s missing you. And neither of you even know it yet.

Tonight, I met Justin at a Toastmasters meeting. He’s a man who’s got a talent that I think the world is holding its breath and wishing for.

These links are for you, Justin. I hope they’ll inspire you the way that they’ve inspired me.

Pick Yourself by Seth Godin

Want to chase a dream? Get your eyes checked. by Jon Acuff

The Problem with Comfortable by Rory Vaden


Even if your name isn’t Justin… Get off your butt. Pick yourself. Start! Take the stairs.

I’m waiting for you.