Modernity: What’s the lesson?

A couple of you in the early access playtest community have looked at the Glacier Peak motto “Better games make better people.” and our mission, and asked me how that is reflected in the most current tabletop game project, a contemporary occult noir affair. Fair question. Glad you asked!

On the surface, the premise of Modernity is that there are terrifying things hiding behind, underneath, and around our reality that most people would like to pretend don’t exist. What if it’s all true?

The actual moral quandary underlying what I’m exploring with Modernity and its companion products is the nature of heroism, especially in the face of implacable evil and overwhelming odds. What price are truly unsung heroes willing to pay in order to do the right thing? What is the real cost of protecting society as we know it when the natural order of things is entropy, decay, and oblivion?

The most difficult question that has surfaced as part of the game design and development effort is: How can you make that fun? We do!

With the aid of the exemplary Fate game engine, I think Modernity strikes a balance that is unique in the niche of noir and horror. Modernity is different from most other noir in contemporary setting. It is different from Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Dark Conspiracy, and others in the horror genre in its focus not on the eldritch elements of the evil and the grim nature of the investigators demise, but instead on the heroes’ story and the personal cost to the individuals and those that they love. Modernity can also be played without any occult influence at all, if that’s your preference.

In Modernity, you can enjoy a good story about YOUR great heroes without focusing unduly on a panoply of metagame minutiae and mechanics while exploring the 50 shades (or more) of moral gray that surround and define the true cost of heroism.

If you haven’t joined the ranks of the early playtest access heroes and given us your valuable input on what will make Modernity a great game for YOU, please do!