Merry Video Games Day!

Having two “official” holidays to celebrate video games is awesome. We’ll do this again on September 12th, just for fun. Here’s what I’ve been playing lately:

a53b3849-2dbe-4bbe-b819-3d5f427d01be[1]       Worms Battlegrounds

Watch_Dogs has taken a little more getting used to than I expected, and a little more suspension of disbelief on my part (probably because I’ve been building software and networks for 20+ years and it doesn’t really work that way – heh). Combat is extremely lethal, which I like because it makes stealth and hacking far more important. Driving feels like a looser adaptation (ick) of the Crackdown physics. Maybe that’s just the large number of driving side games and the temptation to carjack a ride whenever I need to get across town. The difference is that there’s always some “helpful” citizen around to dial 911 and call in the police to distract me (which doesn’t happen in Crackdown). It also feels a lot like Sleeping Dogs, which was a fun game. The way missions work and how easy it is to ignore the story make me wonder if this wasn’t a good Ubisoft story game that somebody came along and tried to shoehorn into a sandbox and then cram full of side games and random things that have nothing directly to do with the story… I’m ambivalent about the sandbox, but I’m enjoying the game.

Worms Battlegrounds is a delightful family couch game. Playing this with the kids gets really competitive. The story is nonsensical but entertaining because Katherine Parkinson really sells the voice over. She makes the wacky writing hysterical with her deadpan delivery. I’ve played every iteration of Worms, and they have improved the gameplay in subtle ways that makes everything faster and deadlier. Either solo or versus, hours will disappear in the same way that a worm does when an enemy drops a stick of dynamite on his head. Enjoy!

What’re you playing these days?