Award-Winning Authors

We can now say that we have 3 award-winning authors on staff! =) We are honored to receive the eLit Book Awards 2014 Gold Medal for Short Story Fiction.

Short Story Fiction

Gold: No Tomorrow: Postcards From the End / Alia Reed, Suleiman Reed, and David Reed
Silver: A Walking Adventure to Mt Bartle Fere / Warren Doyle
Bronze: Death of a Spaceman / Sonny Wareham


eLit Book Awards 2014

Congratulations to all the eLit participants this year. There was a HUGE amount of great work submitted. Fabulous fiction all around!

In recognition of this award, we’re offering the ebook for free this weekend (Saturday 24 May and Sunday 25 May 2014) and updating the book with an updated cover and some minor edits that we’ve accumulated since it was published on “Mayan Doomsday”.

Our own little publishing milestone aside, Alia described Friday 21 December 2012 best:

“For THE END OF THE WORLD, it was a major disappointment.”

Don’t forget to snag your free ebook this weekend!

No Tomorrow Cover v2 with eLit Gold Medal