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I’ve had this annual review once upon a time, about three years ago. Not fun.

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I’ve since been MUCH more careful about choosing my managers.

Choosing the right job? Important.

Choosing the right manager? Crucial!

Not having this kind of annual review conversation? Priceless.

This exact experience is the reason why we have adopted a minimalist Employee Handbook™ and a No Annual Review™ process at Glacier Peak. We briefly considered following Nordstrom’s example, but in the end we decided that Nordstrom’s old 75-word employee handbook was too long.

Ours easily fits on the back of a business card: Always do the right thing. If you can defend your actions as an employee of Glacier Peak as “always doing the right thing”, for our customers, for Glacier Peak, for your team, for you, we’ll never have a problem.

And we’ll never have annual reviews.

Winking smile