What is your purpose?

I have found another practice that I’m going to steal.

This one comes from Atlassian by way of Daniel Pink and RSA Animate.

[My inner ADD loves RSA Animate. I get squirrels to watch that actually help me absorb what the speaker is talking about!]

I’ve long been a fan of purpose-based work: business, design, development, software, engineering, personal, whatever.

This practice makes it part of the company culture.

Take a day. 24 hours. Out of your normal cycle. (I plan to experiment with once a week.)

Give everyone permission to work on whatever they want. For 24 hours.

At the end of the 24 hours, each participant must “show off” what they accomplished.

It can be whatever you want.

It just has to be demonstrated when you’re done.

I expect great things!

Thanks, Dan and Atlassian.

Roll the video!