Praise for Fate Core and Modernity Character Creation

Last weekend, I spun up another playtest group for Modernity (the paper-and-pencil edition). has been a great resource for finding willing and able playtest groups.

A group of folks who regularly play together in Auburn offered to loan me their regular game time in order to introduce them to character creation and one of the introductory scenarios to be included in the Modernity core book, Into the Wolves’ Den.

Having four different groups of playtesters has taught me a LOT about how differently groups can play the same scenario. In addition to being highly entertaining, it has definitely helped to round out the scenarios based on the wacky hijinks that Red Team, Blue Team, Gold Team, and Green Team have gotten up to.

Gold Team agreed to let me record their sessions. Here is the audio from the first session (character creation); the mp3 audio is compressed at 65Kpbs and 96.5MB for about three and a half hours of audio. The voices you hear (not counting the cats and dogs) are Barnabas, Tim, Tim A, Steve, and Christina. None of them had ever played a Fate-based game before. [It’s interesting that the condenser mic completely eliminated the background music that Barnabas had playing in his gaming den.]

Here’s what Steve had to say about the session:

That was a fantastic character creation set up. I know who my character is before I ever play him and I have an idea of how my character will interact with everyone except for Zoey. I feel like knowing who each character is ahead of time will also be great for a horror setting, since these characters aren’t just assumed numbers on a character sheet – the awful things they get involved in later will have more intensity. I think I’ll keep horror movies on in the background this week in preparation for Saturday.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the audio as much as they enjoyed character creation.

Today, however, they’ll get to meet the horror face to face.