Unboxing OUYA!

I have been cranking away on another project. Leaving the “mystery” box from OUYA sitting under the end table in the living room has been killing me!

But last night, I broke down and unwrapped it.

You’re welcome, OUYA, for our believing.

The out of box experience was pretty good. For a dev kit, it was amazing.

I was expecting to be alpha quality hardware and packaging, but what I got was good enough for retail. Nice!

OMG! It’s so tiny!! All that amazing stuff folded up inside a teensy clear plastic console that’s only 10% the size of my Xbox 360?

Plugging it in at that point was just frosting. But it had to be done.

The Ethernet and Wi-Fi setup was cake. Downloading the latest firmware wasn’t automatic, but it happened without a hitch. All the right placeholders are there, wrapped in a very nice user experience.

The warning label says not ready for gamers, but I disagree! The only thing it’s missing is my game. Heh.

Build Zero of Sooper Seekret Projekt will be deployed inmediatamente!!