What are you practicing?

Let me juxtapose two ostensibly unrelated authors and blog posts, and then ask you a personal question.

First, Thomas J. Stanley’s observation about millionaires who made their millions while they were, respectively, a firefighter and a school bus driver:

Keep in mind that Mr. Martin and Mr. Benjamin allocated more hours in studying and planning their investments than it would have taken each of them to earn multiple law degrees or MBAs! 

Millionaires: Firefighter, School Bus Driver, Engineer. . .

Second, Scott Adams’ observation about playing pool:

I’ve spent a ridiculous number of hours playing pool, mostly as a kid. I’m not proud of that fact. Almost any other activity would have been more useful. As a result of my wasted youth, years later I can beat 99% of the public at eight-ball. But I can’t enjoy that sort of so-called victory. It doesn’t feel like "winning" anything.
Scott Adams Blog: The Illusion of Winning 08/30/2010

When it comes down to it, you will be good at what you spend a lot of time doing. The more you practice, the better you will be. Some people may start out with advantages, genetic or otherwise, in some endeavors, which is why the most successful people focus on their strengths. When someone says they were “born to do something” that means that they’ve found the optimal confluence of their natural abilities and the things that they enjoy practicing.

The best part is that YOU get to choose what you spend your time doing. If what you choose to do is play video games, that’s your right and privilege – but that is still time spent getting better at something.

So… what are you practicing?