It’s a great, though unspecific, question. Since I’m talking mostly to myself at this point, I’ll answer it a couple different ways (in case we forget later).

  • Why Glacier Peak? Because nobody else is creating the games that we know can change the world… for the better. The games that are missing defy labels like “serious games” or “learning games”. All games are serious, as far as we’re concerned! All games obviously involve learning. What’s missing is more! (The short movie, More, is better in IMAX, but buy the DVD anyway.)
  • Why now? While we’ve been operating in stealth mode since 2008 and have dreamed up quite a lot for ourselves to do, it’s time to march. As Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, Howard Tayler and Scott Adams (among many other brilliant minds) have all clearly pointed out: ideas are inherently worthless – what matters is execution, delivery, shipped product. Blogging on a regular basis will keep us focused on these projects and accountable to the mysterious forces of the webernetz. After all, all y’all are our customers.
  • Why? Because.