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Tabletop RPGs

Our current line up of games are based on the award-winning Fate Core RPG system by Evil Hat that empowers everyone at the table to be the hero of their own story.


Contemporary occult noir, Modernity is the dark side of urban fantasy. The updated Revised Edition coming in 2017 will be a free PDF upgrade for every customer who purchases the core rule book or its expansions.



Gritty space punk seasoned liberally with cybernetics, biohacking, and hard questions about the nature of humanity, morality out in the black, and the origin of the countless human species who populate the Milky Way.


No Tomorrow: Postcards from the End

The award-winning collection of short stories first published on Mayan Doomsday 2014. Twenty-stories of ends and new beginnings (seven science fiction, seven fantasy, and seven contemporary) by three authors.